Arizona Power Purchase Agreement

Arizona does not currently have national liaison standards for distributed production, but has a number of guidelines. Utilities, including SRP, Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and APS, have developed separate interconnection agreements and procedures for decentralized production. Third-party power purchase contracts for governments, schools and other non-profit organizations are excluded from the Arizona Corporation Commission regulations. Arizona`s non-profit (IOUs) and electricity cooperatives, with the exception of distribution companies with more than half of their customers outside the state, are subject to the renewable energy standard. Arizona has a net-metering program with no size limit, but is specific to the customer`s load. Arizona`s solar customers are entitled to a pre-incentive through the Solar and Wind Tax Credit. Large systems can benefit from additional production-based incentives. Several Arizona utility companies also offer discount programs for which medium-sized solar projects are possible. These graphs show the percentage share of current renewable energy production in Arizona and future growth forecasts based on existing renewable portfolio (RPS) standards.

As part of the development of a renewable energy strategy, cities should consider how much renewable energy they are already buying from their utility and which technologies have proven to be more efficient in their state (for example. B, wind energy versus solar energy). In addition, green houses can take into account the carbon intensity of their local grid; Cities in countries that rely heavily on coal or oil are in a prime position to reduce their carbon intensity by purchasing renewable energy. Note that these are values estimated solely for information purposes and that the full complexity of all financial projections is not taken into account. They only apply to cash purchases, which means that your numbers are different when you pay your system or pay with a loan (including interest). Also note that we are not financial advisors, so this information should not be interpreted as financial advice. The price of excess electricity is calculated based on what they call a resource comparison prooxy based on the amount paid by the supplier itself for its solar power purchase contracts.

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