Devolo cockpit herunterladen

Das devolo-Cockpit hilft, Fehler im Netzwerk zu identifizieren, und stellt auch ein paar kluge Lösungsvorschläge bereit. Dass die Anwendung moderner designt sein könnte, fällt kaum ins Gewicht – die etwas umständliche Einrichtung dagegen umso mehr. Auch ist vor der Verwendung eine Registrierung beim Hersteller erforderlich. Hier besteht noch Verbesserungspotenzial. Intuitive. Simple. Clear. The new devolo Home Network app for controlling your devolo adapters the easy way. Keep an eye on all your devolo devices at once – no matter how many you have. Check the connection status in the house or adjust the configuration – it`s so easy. Perform setup in the blink of an eye with the new devolo app: an intuitive assistant guides you through the whole installation process step by step, offering immediate solutions for even small issues. You are ready for the perfect home network – no registration required! In order to use this app to set up or expand your Powerline network, you must use at least one of the listed devices.

Magic networks are supported if one of the following devices is present:• devolo Magic 2 WiFi• devolo Magic 1 WiFi• devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini• devolo Magic 2 LAN• devolo Magic 1 LAN dLAN networks are supported if one of the following devices is present:• devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac• devolo dLAN 550 WiFi• devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi• devolo dLAN WiFi Outdoor If the dLAN firmware is older than October 2018 , it must be updated. Such devices are automatically detected and updated. The following Powerline devices are also supported if one of the devices mentioned above is present in the same Powerline network:• devolo dLAN 200• devolo dLAN 500• devolo dLAN 650• devolo dLAN 1000• devolo dLAN 1200 Device support will be extended with future versions of the app. If your device is not currently supported, use the devolo Cockpit PC software. Functionality:• Easy management of your devolo Wi-Fi adapters via smartphone or tablet.• Step-by-step device configuration thanks to the convenient installation assistant.• All devolo adapters instantly visible at a glance (at least one Wi-Fi device from the Magic or dLAN series required)• View all your devolo adapters and check their connection status whenever you want.• Assign every adapter an individual name, such as “Living room” or “Lisa`s room”.• No registration required. Get started with your perfect home network!• Want to upgrade your network? No problem! Other devolo adapters can be easily added to your network.• Benefit from newer firmware – it is only a tap away. Just set up my dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac with two additional 1200+ units and an old 500Mbps devolo that we’ve had for two years. App makes it super simple and straight forward.

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