Does Australia Have Free Trade Agreement With Taiwan

“Singapore and New Zealand have free trade agreements with Taiwan without violating the diplomatic recognition of the People`s Republic of China, and I do not see why we could not do that. Another area to consider is Tsai`s new Southbound policy. So far, this action has focused on strengthening soft diplomatic relations and has had some remarkable successes. Exports to the 18 target countries increased by 13.5% in the first half of 2017. It will be time to try to put this on a more formal basis and there is a good chance of success, especially with the regional neighbors who are not quite in Beijing. Australia`s current position vis-à-vis Taiwan is largely based on the joint communiqué with the People`s Republic of China, signed in 1972 by the Whitlam Labor government on the outcome of UN Resolution 2758, as the international situation opposed the ROC, although Australia voted for the seat of the Republic of China at the UN instead of Communist China. [1] As part of this agreement, the Australian government diplomatically recognizes the People`s Republic of China as “the only legitimate government in China.” Currently, only 18 UN member states and the Holy See officially recognize Taiwan. The joint communiqué establishes “diplomatic guidelines for Australia`s official contact with Taiwan and explicitly states that Australia “does not consider Taiwan (the unofficial name of ROC) to be a national status of government.” [3] Although the Australian government does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, an official bilateral economic consultation is held annually by high-level representatives of the Ministry of Economy of both parties[4] and there is an important informal relationship that has developed through cultural and trade relations. However, Australian companies, with the exception of the conventional industry, rely on a mature international financial market to take advantage of the strong scientific/growing research due to Australia`s high tax rate, and Taiwan does not have this attribute,[5] but Taiwan`s highly Americanized skilled workers could help Australian companies internationalize the vision, particularly in analytical research.

[6] It is therefore likely that Taiwan will be able to benefit from relations with Australia in the context of university spin-offs and not from the swarming of research. [7] In terms of international trade, Australia and Taiwan are complementary. [8] The Australian is not playing well with your current browser. This has put Australia in a complex political situation, with Australia still trying to end its economic and cultural relations with Taiwan. The result was a “double policy” on the Sino-Taiwan issue, in which he encouraged the People`s Republic of China to “exercise restraint in the fight against military violence against Taiwan.” This was underlined by representatives of the Australian government, particularly the FDFA, when they met with the Ambassador of the People`s Republic of China to Australia to express their concern about a White Paper in which the People`s Republic of China would use force against Taiwan if it did not act quickly. Although there has been significant development in cultural and other unofficial ties, Australia`s policy towards Taiwan is still largely dictated by Australia`s recognition of the People`s Republic of China. [3] However, Australia is concerned in the long term about the potential for a future military conflict between Taiwan and the PRC, which would create uncertainty and instability in Australia`s sphere of influence. [22] From Taiwan`s perspective, Australia was the eighth largest source of imports and the thirteenth largest export market in 2000, making Australia the 11th largest trading partner. [19] The current relationship between Australia and Taiwan operates on two fundamental concepts.

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