Section 54 Of Agreement

… parties` intention based on the execution of the facts and their recording. It is also a question of whether section 54 would be attracted if there was any amount… the provision of the Transfer of Ownership Act, which defines the sale to Section 54 of the Act, with subsection (4) of Section 55 of the … Indian Treaty Act, if it is in conflict or incoherent in this case, would be in the scope of the special status of the … Section 54 falls under Chapter 4 of the Indian Contract Act,1872, which deals with contract enforcement. It is also under the sub-heading “Making Mutual Promises,” which includes sections 51 to 58. In 2007, telecommunications operators Optus and Virgin and their distribution agent Prepaid Services entered into a commercial credit insurance policy with Atraduis. The policy imposed compensation on Bill Express – a retail agent who sold access to the Optus and Virgin networks – and was insolvent when paying money earned under various distribution agreements. The directive was explicitly stated to cover Bill Express defaults from contracts requiring a 30-day payment from the billing date. The distribution agreement between Optus and Bill Express provided for a payment period of 30 days from the date of the statement of account. As a result, Bill Express had up to 60 days to pay the amounts earned. The decision of Prepaid Services Pty Ltd – Ors v Atradius Credit Insurance NV3 is the next step in the growing line of judicial review of the scope and application of this section.

… Constitution. Moreover, it is alleged that the provision in question was contrary to Section 54 of the Indian Contracts Act. We can`t agree… for the ordinary citizen with regard to the reciprocal promises that flow from the same treaty. We are not shown how these sections are contrary to Section 54 of India… Section 43 of Hyderabad Abkari Act No. 1 of 1316 Fasli, which, according to the Expert Council of Petitioners, settles the case at hand since the contract was concluded …

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