Voluntary Retrenchment Agreement

In order to minimize potential conflicts over whether consensus has been reached, employers should ensure that the parties reach a written agreement by mutual agreement when the employment relationship is terminated. In the absence of extrinative evidence, the court will consider the written agreement to be an expression of the parties` true intentions. The employer accepted TAWUSA`s voluntary reduction offer and reported this acceptance to the union. However, after the employer accepted TAWUSA`s proposal, the union attempted to withdraw its “offer”. The employer objected to the acceptance of such a revocation on the grounds that it had accepted the offer and that its letter of acceptance justified the reductions it duly made. Here, the word “operational” is called “voluntary”! The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines “voluntarily” in a legal context something that “is done by intent or intent” and “acts or acts of its own free will, without any consideration or legal obligation.” – a value agreed either in an employment contract or in a collective agreement, provided that the agreed value is not less than the cost to the employer of the payment of benefits in kind; or where a worker is entitled to an amount in the event of dismissal or dismissal, with respect to the time that the employer is required to inform the worker of such a termination of service, in other words, the employer pays the worker an amount equal to the wage that the worker would have earned if that worker had worked during the full notice, the amount (dismissal salary) is not eligible for exemption in the form of sections 7A (4A) or 10(1) of the Income Tax Act. Jan du Toit is available to help employers make cuts, surveys and ccma cases. His email address is: “This is part of the savings process and does not make this first phase of resignation a resignation that would be a voluntary act of termination of service. This is the first phase of the austerity process and is seen as a reduction. In the first phase of a savings process, it is acceptable for an employer to propose a softened austerity plan to workers who might otherwise be chosen by the employer to choose to be one of the workers selected to leave first.

This is done in advance that the employer makes the real and difficult choice of the remaining workers. This is part of the reduction process and this first stage of resignation does not lead to a resignation that would constitute a voluntary act of termination of service. This is the first phase of the austerity process and is seen as a reduction. One way to mitigate the effects of a reduction, even remotely, is to work with employers to open “voluntary cuts” to their employees. At least it gives you a little control, a choice in this very stressful and uns requested for the situation or process. Q. We have secured a “voluntary reduction agreement” for those of us who would prefer to use the proposed austerity package if we sign such a letter. I would like to know if it is still possible to get unemployment if we sign.

Considering the questions that employers and workers raise about reductions, it seems clear that there is a misunderstanding of workers` rights within the meaning of section 189 / 189 A of the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Law on Working Conditions.

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